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Take Control of Your Fertility Journey. 

Easily store, organize, and share all of your fertility information, helping you make informed decisions and leading to improved outcomes.

With Grain Fertility, you can:

Feel Empowered

Be in control of your information, knowing it's securely in one place and easy to share with your team.

Save Time

Stop juggling emails and paperwork. Easily access and organize your information all in the app.

Stress Less

The fertility journey is stressful enough. Have peace of mind and a better experience with our app.

Here's how it works:

Upload information from across your care team

  • Securely upload, access, and use your fertility records for more informed decision making

  • Easily locate your information using intuitive labeling and organization

  • Track every step of your fertility treatment to have a clearer understanding of your journey

Grain App Upload Records View
Grain App Timeline View

Create Timelines

  • Keep track of important dates and milestones

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by having a visually organized record of your fertility journey

  • Integrate lifestyle events to provide a holistic view of your fertility journey

Share information with your care team and loved ones

  • Create a supportive ecosystem by fostering communication amongst those who need it

  • Collaborate with your healthcare team and loved ones in decision-making

  • Reduce the risk of miscommunication and missed information

Grain App Organize and Share View

Simplify your fertility journey. Sign up today!

Free Account

Everything you need to get started:

Upload and store documents and records

Personalized fertility timeline

Select pre-defined organizational labels

Search, sort, and find records and data instantly

Expert articles to help you on your journey

Discover resources and organizations to help you on your journey

Premium Subscription

Only $12.99/month

Includes everything from the free plan, plus:

1:1 Expert coaching and guidance

Resources and tools timed to where you are on your journey

Discounts and offers from Grain Fertility partners

Exclusive live community events with fertility experts and leaders

Create custom organizational labels

Ability to share your information with your spouse, partner, care team, or whoever you choose

Personal fertility expense tracking tool

What Our Community Says

Fertility patient testimony

Natalie, IVF Patient

I never felt prepared for my fertility journey until now. Grain Fertility helped me think through and document all the medical things, all the procedures I went through, my goals and questions I had for my physician. That helped me feel prepared. 

Fertility patient testimony

Lauren Haring, RN
Award Winning Fertility Coach 

"Your fertility journey should be as stress-free as possible and Grain Fertility is the ultimate companion to make that a reality!"

Image by Stephanie Liverani

Anonymous, IVF Patient

As a first time IVF patient, staying organized feels daunting. I want to keep all my IVF info in one easily accessible and organized area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • During fertility treatment, you get A LOT of information and patients unfortunately are asked to shoulder a lot of responsibility. Patients are often expected to remember past medical history, update medication schedule and dosage on the fly, and try to keep track of how much all of this costs, all while going through an incredibly hard experience that is mentally, physically, and emotionally difficult. 

    Studies show that patients who access and use their information can have improved outcomes and often report better experiences. Grain Fertility helps you feel more prepared for what comes next, get ready for appointments, and feel more confident about your care.

  • We know you are trusting us with some of your most sensitive information, which is why we secure it from unauthorized access with encryption features and access management tools. We pledge to do everything we can to keep your information safe and put you in control of who can see it.

  • Grain Fertility was founded with a scientific advancement and advocacy-driven purpose. With this in mind, we do hope to use aggregated and de-identified data to help drive the development of the next generation of reproductive health innovations that expand access, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. We wiIl never share any information from the platform with anyone without your explicit consent.

    Grain Fertility will only partner with organizations and companies whose values align with ours and are actively advancing patient privacy, health equity, and infertility science. Grain Fertility will be transparent with who we work with and pledges to publicly report how we are helping to advance reproductive and fertility health care.

  • We believe that you own your health information and should never have to pay to access or use it, so we are proud to offer a free version of the application that lets you access, organize, and use your information as you see fit. 

    However, there are some patients who want additional resources and assistance to help them with their journey, so we are pleased to offer a premium version of the application for only $12.99/ month. We proudly offer new users a two-week free trial to see how a premium membership can help make your fertility journey a little easier.

  • In addition to access to organizational tools and resources offered by the free version, a Grain Fertility premium account offers users:

    • Access to experts to help make their journey easier with personalized coaching and guidance

    • Resources and tools tailored to where you are in your journey that help you better understand and prepare for the next steps and make decisions that are best for you

    • Discounts and offers from Grain Fertility partners

    • Exclusive live community events with experts and leaders in fertility 

    • Additional features in the Grain Fertility application including custom labeling, sharing information with others, and other important capabilities that help reduce stress, save time, and make your journey a little easier.

The only app available to help you manage your fertility information.

Get the app today and feel more confident about your care.

An image of a person's hand holding up the Grain Fertility app on a mobile device
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