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Empowering Fertility Patients Through Data

The only fertility specific app that gives patients the tools they need to make more informed decisions about their care, improve their fertility journey experience, and decrease the time spent sharing, organizing, and accessing vital fertility information.

Simplify Your Fertility Journey
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Grain Fertility Gives Your Personalized Tools to Organize Your Information Kept In These Places

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Grain Fertility helps fertility patients by giving them the tools they need to better manage the fertility process. With Grain Fertility, you are in control.  

Grain Fertility Provides You With:
Access To The Medical Information You and Your Doctors Need

Developed in consultation with leading reproductive endocrinologists and medical professionals, The Grain Fertility Dashboard lets you put your entire medical history in the palm of your hand so you have immediate access to the most important health information on demand.

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A Comprehensive List of Trusted Resources 

We all have questions about fertility treatment. Grain Fertility is proud to provide vetted, trusted resources to help you get answers you can trust and the care you deserve.   

Exclusive Medical Expense Calculating Tools

Fertility treatments are stressful and expensive. Grain Fertility is the only fertility app that provides you with a simple Medical Expense Calculator Tool to help you track your expenses, budget for treatment, and be prepared come tax season.

Easy To Access Fertility Record Storage 

You can use Grain Fertility to save, access, and share any records or files you want. Whether it is your health records, bills, or contracts, stay organized using Grain Fertility’s Record Storage feature and take control of your fertility.

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Why Grain Fertility Works For You

Studies have shown patients that those who access and use their health information can improve outcomes.
3 out of 4

do not leave their doctor's office on a positive note for reasons that include disappointment in the level of Q&A they have with their doctor, confusion about their health, and a need to do more research.

2 out of 3

admit they are not confident in their understanding of the information they discuss with their doctor

4 out of 5

agree that if they have access to all their health information including medical records, recommendations, conditions, and test results, they'd see improvement in their health management

Grain Fertility helps patients save time by providing patients with an easy to use way to keep all of their health information in one place.
Grain helps you prepare for appointments, organize your information, and feel more confident about your care.

Built By A Patient, For Patients

I want to build the tool my wife and I wish we had when we were going through our fertility treatment.    

Joe Cody
Founder, IVF Dad

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We Love To Meet New People and Want to Know How We Can Best Help Fertility Patients.

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