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Introducing The Grain Fertility Pilot

Last April, I debuted the idea of Grain Fertility as a way to get feedback from the fertility community, work to truly understand the problems patients face when trying to organize and use their information, and try to develop some solutions to make the fertility process easier.

Since we launched, I have spoken to nearly 100 patients, fertility care clinicians, and professionals in the fertility field. Their feedback was enlightening, emotional, and empowering.

So often, I heard stories that reminded me of my own and it has powered my work to develop this app.

The culmination of these conversations is the debut of the Grain Fertility pilot, which you can sign up for today. We are using this pilot to test out different features, get detailed, uncensored feedback from real patients, and work to identify what are the best ways we can achieve our mission, the empowerment of fertility patients and making them equal participants in their care.

At Grain Fertility we believe an educated patient is an empowered patient and by giving them access to their health and financial information in one easy to use, secure location, we believe we can put patients at the center of the fertility experience.

Our goals for this pilot

Transparency is a hallmark of our vision for fertility care and I thought it would only be fair to share what I am hoping to achieve with our pilot.

First off, it is important to know this is not a finished product.

Trust me, there are a million things I want to build, but it is important for us to focus on the bare minimum and get feedback from real patients to understand their goals and desires for using an organizational health application like Grain Fertility.

Specifically, I hope to see how willing patients are to use a tool to put their health and financial information in one place and start to see what information you need access to, how you want it input, and how it should be presented.

We want to learn how Grain Fertility can help keep you more organized, make you feel more confident in your care, how it can help spur more detailed and honest conversations with your doctors, and how it can help you spend less time on stressful administrative tasks like filling out duplicate forms or transferring your records between your doctors.

Our pilot users will inform and direct us as we work to implement our vision for Grain Fertility. For us, the patient is always front and center and this pilot is one way we are hoping to ensure your voice guides us.

Our vision for Grain Fertility

We all know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Unfortunately, modern digital health applications are not either. We know this version of Grain Fertility is very basic and relies on manual processes. But imagine something better.

A infertility diagnosis can be heartbreaking and the process of finding a fertility clinic can be daunting. Layer on the stress of needing to coordinate with your OB/GYN and primary care physician to make sure all of your records go to your new clinic before your first appointment and filling out all of those forms, and it can be overwhelming and consume hours of your day. It doesn't have to be like that anymore…

Imagine being able to transfer your entire health record to your new fertility clinic with a few clicks on your smartphone? Imagine having a cheat sheet of the most important information you and your doctors need to know available whenever you need it. This is not a dream, but what we are building.

Soon, we will be able to link all your health information securely, using the logins you already have. No more patient portals. No more fax machines. No more folders of printed pages being mailed between doctors.

Grain Fertility will save you time and money by expediting the information sharing process and will ensure your doctors have the most accurate, important information they need when you meet with them.

Our Next Steps

I am incredibly excited about what comes next. The pilot is just the start of something special and a new age of patient empowerment through technological innovation. To achieve this, I want to talk to as many people as possible, getting input on what can help them make fertility treatment easier and less stressful. I hope to take the momentum from this pilot to power our next steps: a widely available, easy to use, secure application available to every fertility patient in the United States.

I want to build an empowered network of confident self-advocates, working with their doctors to make the fertility process more efficient, more equitable, and less time consuming. I want Grain Fertility to be the app you turn to during fertility treatment to let you focus on what matters most, your care.

Joe Cody



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