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Turn Fertility Struggle into Strength: Launching the Grain Fertility App

Patient holding Grain Fertility App on smartphone
The Grain Fertility App Is Live!

This week is big for Grain Fertility. Our application is finally live and available for download to the public. You can sign up for the app here, where you can get started with a free two-week trial to our Premium Subscription (only $12.99/month after that).

It has been said that it takes years to be an overnight success and while Grain Fertility is far from successful at this point, it is important to acknowledge how long it has taken to get here.

From my wife's infertility diagnosis in 2016 to the public launch of the Grain Fertility application in February 2024, there are a million inflection points that impacted what we are seeking to do. But throughout this journey, there have been a few constants. First, is the absolute support of my wife. Without her, none of this would exist. Second, is the support from the infertility community. I have had countless conversations with patients from all walks of life in different parts of their journey and I have gotten nothing but honest feedback and encouragement to keep moving forward.

And this, the encouragement from the community and the stories I have heard, guides every decision we make at Grain Fertility.

Our north star is the development of tools, resources, and technology that helps empower fertility patients, ensure they have the support and strength they need to make more informed decisions about their care, and give them the best chance they can have at having a child.

I know this is going to be hard a journey and success is far from guaranteed. The cards are stacked against us and it is going to take continued hard work to deliver an application that delivers on the incredibly lofty goals we have set.

But as I look back on where I started and where I am now, I am reminded of another quote that is often said, "good things come to those that wait..."


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