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Founder Joe Cody and his wife Jackie.

Built by a fertility patient, for fertility patients.

Grain Fertility founder, Joe Cody, had an idea. His wife, Jackie, started carrying a large 3-ring binder to different fertility appointments to ensure all of her specialists knew her medical history. He knew there could be a better way to manage her information than this tedious, cumbersome process.

They weren't alone, either. After talking to hundreds of patients who had similar experiences, the needs were clear. They all wanted to feel more in control of their journey, better understand their information, and ultimately, Increase their chances of success

Along with his firsthand experience as a fertility patient, Joe's background in Health IT, Health Policy, and advocacy work with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, was the perfect starting point to launch Grain Fertility in 2024.

Lose the paperwork with Grain Fertility.

Does this look familiar? Rather than carrying around a binder, we believe patients should own their health data and have access to it when and how they want.

A binder containing various paperwork across fertility specialists.

With Grain Fertility, you don't need to keep a binder full of documents!

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